Whether it be for good or for bad, we can all agree that the year of 2020 was a memorable one. While many looked forward to the turn of the decade as an exciting new beginning, the world quickly realized just how much can change in only a matter of months. But change isn’t always a bad thing.

Despite the negative effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on the world, the unprecedented event also paved the path to new solutions, big changes and opened many doors that would not have been considered before. The world we live in today has 2020 to thank, for better or for worse, and the past 12 months have taught us many valuable lessons along the way. Check out our top 3 below.

2020 taught us how to:

1. Pivot

You may have heard the word ‘pivot’ once or twice (or a billion times) last year. Many companies had to adjust or ‘pivot’ a plan of attack for how to run their business while in lockdown, or how to ensure their day to day routine complied with COVID safe practices. Learning how to pivot is essential to dealing with the unpredictable, helping us and our businesses become more flexible and better equipped to make a comeback from any road blocks we may face along the way.

2. Change

As I mentioned before, 2020 was the year for change. Change was present in every aspect of our professional and personal lives, with many seeing the pandemic as a sign to start afresh, to start a new job role, take up a new hobby, or to even make drastic changes to their daily lifestyle. Though it has the potential to feel overwhelming sometimes, change is also an opportunity for growth, with this year teaching us how to embrace it better.

3. Communicate

One of the biggest things we learnt how to do this year was communicate more effectively. We’ve always had social media and Skype, but 2020 took online messaging to a whole new level. Lectures moved to online recordings, live online concerts took over YouTube and Facebook, and Zoom became the new meeting room (and one of the most used words of the year). This huge shift to online communication connected and kept the world close when we couldn’t do so in person, with many online innovations sure to continue even past the end of the pandemic.

With the lessons learnt from 2020, 2021 is set up to be an even bigger, better, and bolder year than the last – every cloud has a silver lining.

If your business felt the full effects of 2020, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! With the new year comes new clients, and we are more than ready to lend a helping hand. Bring on 2021!