Marketing and the seasons go hand in hand. When it’s December, the classic Christmas colours of red and green flood your feed, and the shops become full of all the trees, toys and tinsel your heart could desire. When it’s April, easter eggs and chocolates start making their own seasonal supermarket appearance, and when it’s Halloween, costumes and candy join the trend.

Valentine’s Day is no exception.

February 14th has forever been branded the day to celebrate all different kinds of love, with red hearts, flowers and chocolates becoming a part of the yearly tradition.

Because of such cliches surrounding the date and all the expectations that follow, it is easy for many companies to make the idea of Valentine’s Day a seasonal selling point.

Whether it be a girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, husband, wife or the single life, people love to celebrate February 14th and all that comes with it.

Despite the fact that everyone is either celebrating or selling the special day, there is a reason why so many continue to incorporate some aspect of Valentine’s Day into their marketing agenda – because it works.

As a business, you want to join the competition, not shy away from it, and with the date just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking (if you haven’t done so already) about how you could position your company in the Valentine’s Day marketing madness this year.

From classic tactics to out of the box ideas, here are some ways you could market February 14th:

  • Run a Valentine’s Day giveaway
  • Change the theme of your social media content to suit the season
  • Sell something besides the classics – opt for experience rather than expense when promoting your services
  • Create your own Valentine Day deals
  • Acknowledge the marketing gap – why not set up an event specifically for singles, etc?
  • Bring attraction to your business with over the top decorations

There are many ways you could go about it – whether you decide to stick to what you know works or try something outside of the box, it is essential that your business joins in the Valentine’s Day hype – why not help celebrate love?

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