Starting at university can be equally exciting and terrifying! We all have watched so many TV shows and movies in which loveable characters invite us to join their university life. However, the reality is, university is nothing like in Hollywood – shocking, right? There are so many small things to learn, get used to, and adapt to.

Whether you’re a first-year about to start a new chapter in life or a fourth-year returning for yet another year of learning, it’s always nice to get support and tips from other peers. Therefore, we’ve gathered some top tips from our Newish team!

No Question is a Silly Question

I’m sure you’ve all been told this one throughout primary and high school, but it’s so great. Lectures often cover a lot of concepts

and topics and it’s so important for you to seek clarity on things you’re unsure about. In addition to this, I’ve found that the earlier on in the semester that I begin to ask questions, the more comfortable you and your classmates are to continue asking questions in every lecture.

Make the Library Your Best Friend

If you are having doubts about studying from home or if you don’t have a great study area at home, the library works wonders! It can really help motivate you to stay focussed on your uni work and discourage you from watching Netflix all day. Not only can it help you overcome procrastination and escape from other distractions at home, but it has an amazing collection of old textbooks (which can save you some money to fund your semester of Merlo coffee!).

Join the Community

Most universities have a lot to offer for student social lives, such as clubs, societies, and social sports. Not only can clubs and societies be useful for networking in your industry but they’re amazing opportunities to meet other students and make new friends! After all, university is allowed to be fun and having your own friendship circle can help you live out your Hollywood university dreams, so get out there and check out what social societies and sports are offered at your campus!

Being a first-year can be scary and intimidating, but hopefully, our tips can help you settle into your next chapter of life more comfortably. For those returning for another year of studying, we wish you the best of luck adjusting from holiday mode to grind mode.