Have you ever been interested in learning about Business but study a completely different degree? Are you studying or have you studied a business degree but want to learn more on the side? Well, you’re in luck, because this blog will introduce all the online learning you can do for FREE! Here are some of the courses and tools we recommend looking into for a good self-learning sesh.

Google Garage

If you are keen to learn about Digital Marketing, career development, and data and tech, this one is for you. From over 150 courses to learn from, you will never get bored of all the things you can learn on this platform. Plus, the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course will provide a free certification at the end that you can share on LinkedIn. There is nothing more valuable than proving your skill with a certification!


Coding can be pretty tough – that’s why Codecademy is here to teach you the fundamentals of coding in the most exciting and efficient way. With all the coding languages you could possibly think of (HTML & CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript… you name it), you will be able to find them all on Codecademy! P.S. if you are a student and want a paid subscription, you can get 35% off Codecademy Pro!

Skill Share

Skill Share is more for those who want to learn the creative side of a business. Whether that be photography, graphic design, how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud, or drawings to animations, Skill Share’s got you covered! They have a wide range of free online courses that you can start with, and if you want more, you can subscribe for unlimited access.

Facebook Blue Print

This is such a generous offer by Facebook. They teach you how to bring your business online; building an audience; establishing your presence; attracting an audience; improving your creative strategy and so on. Plus, they also cover courses on advertising products online which is perfect for those with a business who haven’t started advertising on social media platforms yet!

LinkedIn learning

Previously known as Lynda.com, LinkedIn learning courses fall under three big categories which are: Business, Creative, and Technology. With 16,000+ courses taught by industry professionals, their content is nothing but superb. Calling for all UQ students – all UQ students and staff members can access ALL LinkedIn Learning for FREE. This is truly a #UQadvantage!


Another great free learning tool is Coursera, with its great reviews that many previous students have seen the benefits of this learning platform, I think it will benefit us too. There are also a variety of courses to choose from, which I am sure you will want to go through!


Ah – this one is a classic! We’ve heard countless times that if you are stuck on an assignment, just YouTube it! And we all know that sometimes, YouTube videos are easier to understand than other academic sources. So here are some of the educational channels that we recommend, but if you are looking for something in particular, just look it up on YouTube!


Finally but not least, podcasts are also a great way to learn about… anything, basically! Here are some of the ones we recommend:

  • Sarah Newport (Newish Communications’ mentor; Founder of Twenty-two digital)
  • The Science of Social Media
  • Instagram Insider Hacks
  • The Digital Marketing Podcast
  • Marketing Over Coffee
  • My Business Playbook

That was a lot to unpack, but self-learning courses are great to go through when you have time, like during a school or uni holiday. Never stop learning because you never know when those skills will become useful. Thank us later!