After two years at Newish Communications, my time has come to an end as I move on to a full-time graduate role at Publicis Worldwide.

I joined Newish in March of 2020 – it was just the start of COVID-19, and my third year of uni. As most of us can remember, there were a lot of unknowns surrounding this time, and as my third year began, I thought it would be a good time to gain experience within the marketing communications industry.

Curious about the new student-run initiative at UQ, I applied to Newish Communications. While I felt I didn’t have much practical experience at the time, I knew I had the passion and drive to join the team. This has to be one of the best decisions I made at uni, as the experience is nothing like anything else on offer.

I began my role at Newish as a Public Relations Specialist (even without studying PR specifically!). I thought I’d give it a red-hot go, and low-and-behold, I adored the team, our clients and culture. The support from our Academic Advisor, Nic Pontes and our PR and Socials team mentors – Aruga, Sarah Newport and Claire Holmes provided me with the wise advice and expert knowledge to make sure the team was always on the right track with clients, opportunities and anything else under the sun.

Over my two years at Newish, I have worked with many real-life clients, worked on exciting internal projects and campaigns, two incredible award briefs, placed as national finalists in the IAA Big Idea Competition, completed two internships, and was promoted to Director of Public Relations and Socials.

It is without a doubt though, that a huge benefit of joining Newish has been the wonderful friends I have made. The like-minded students studying marketing, comms and advertising have been so important throughout my Newish experience, and I am so thankful to have met so many bright and supportive people I can turn to for career and life advice.

All-in-all, joining Newish has led me to so many opportunities. I have landed my dream job, made lifelong friends, and learnt so much along the way. If you have a passion for all things marketing, communications or advertising, I cannot recommend Newish enough. Step out of your comfort zone and make your presence known in the industry, starting with Newish.

Feel free to message me or the Newish team with any questions or queries.