Since starting at Newish just a week ago, I feel that the door to my professional life that I had only been peeking through has been opened wide right before my eyes. 

The first time I remember hearing about Newish was from one of my friends – and the opportunity sounded almost too good to be true. As anyone does these days, I immediately took to Instagram, followed the Newish account and then completed an obligatory stalk of their profile (of course), intending to apply in their next round of recruitments. Then, at the start of the first semester of my second year, I was greeted by a flush of purple on my feed – Newish was finally accepting applications!

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After spending way too much time on my application, I was asked to come in for an interview. From the moment I walked into the interview room, despite my nerves, I felt welcomed and like I was already a part of this community. Then came the outcome email – I had been assigned to the Creative Strategy team! I was beyond excited to meet my team and start to work on briefs that I knew would both interest, and challenge me creatively. 

My first day at Newish was filled with fun, laughter, and arguably way too much pizza. Participating in team-building exercises were a great way to break the ice – allowing everyone to flesh out the dynamics of the group. Hearing from our mentors, Jessamy Ross, (a Senior Copywriter at Khemistry) and Sarah Newport (the Founding and Managing Director at TwentyTwo Digital), really allowed me as a “newbie,” to understand just how much opportunity was right here before me. For me, being able to apply creative thinking exercises (such as the 100 Boxes technique, and Provocations) with Jessamy was especially engaging. This was primarily due to their substantial relevance to me as a part of the Creative team. 

Hearing from Newish Alumni, Nozomi Yamazaki and Jed Larwood, really allowed me to comprehend how much of an impact that Newish has in the industry. Listening to both of their personal experiences at Newish, and seeing just how much they had both grown through their involvement here, really emphasised to me the substantial impact that this team can have in my time at university. Then, before I knew it, the day was finished with the tradition of drinks at the Red Room with great company. Getting to meet so many like-minded people in such a supportive environment, who I know will become lifelong friends, has given me so much more confidence in pursuing the career of my dreams.

I am so excited to call myself a part of the team at Newish. There are so many opportunities available for connection and networking through both discussions with our mentors and alumni, and at upcoming masterclasses. The idea of being able to work with real clientele on their creative visions so soon is beyond exciting to me – and I can’t wait to get started! I’m sincerely looking forward to seeing where Newish takes me from here, and I would highly recommend applying to gain some valuable industry experience when Newish is hiring next. Don’t miss out!