Writing essays are an inevitable part of university life, even though it may not be the most enjoyable task. Many students find essay writing difficult and boring, often opting to procrastinate and watch TikTok videos instead (Don’t worry we’ve all been there). But fear not! There are ways to excel in essay writing and even find it more enjoyable the next time you tackle an assignment. Here are five tips on how to ace that essay!

Essay Writing
    1. Start Early: We’ve all experienced the last-minute rush to finish an assignment due in a few hours or the next day. However, a valuable tip is to start early. The hardest part of writing an essay is getting started, but once you do, it builds momentum and the task becomes less daunting. Starting early offers several benefits, such as reducing anxiety, eliminating procrastination, and allowing you to fully explore your ideas. Additionally, starting early gives you more time to reflect on and improve your essay, enabling you to submit your best work.
    1. Write an Outline: The first step to crafting a great essay is creating an outline. Writing an outline at the beginning allows you to develop your ideas, establish a suitable structure, and organise your thoughts and writing in advance. Outlines help you identify the main components of your paper and determine where to include specific information. By planning what you’re going to write before diving into the actual writing process, you make the entire process much easier.
    1. Review the Rubric/Task Sheet: In university, it’s essential to work smart, not just hard. You could write an outstanding essay, but if it doesn’t fulfil the rubric requirements, you won’t achieve the desired grade. It’s easy to get carried away with your writing, but remember to stay focused on the task or question at hand. Keeping a copy of the rubric next to you as you write serves as a constant reminder to refer back to it and ensure you’re meeting all the necessary criteria.
    1. Take Breaks: Remember, your essay isn’t something you finish in a single day (unless the due date is tomorrow). Don’t pressure yourself to complete the entire essay in one sitting. The best essays take time. Taking breaks can help combat writer’s block and provide mental space for generating new ideas and content. Whether it’s going for a walk, watching an episode of your favourite show, or even taking a short nap, these breaks can aid your thinking process and allow you to return to it with a fresh perspective. Only then will you know how to ace that essay, otherwise you might end up finding yourself reading our previous blog on how to bounce back from bad grades.
    1. Seek Feedback: Enlist the help of someone else to read your essay—a family member, a friend, or your partner. Having someone else review your work can provide valuable constructive criticism. Your perception of your essay’s quality may not accurately reflect its actual value. It can be better than you believe or sometimes the opposite. In any case seeking objective feedback will help steer the direction of your writing. 

Writing an essay can be an intimidating and challenging experience, but by following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your next essay will be your best one yet. So, what are you waiting for? Impress your tutor with your next essay!