Podcasting is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas. It’s also a great way to build an audience and connect with people who share your interests. But what if you don’t have an audience to start with? Starting a podcast with no audience can be scary, but it’s possible.

Here are the best tips to help you get started on your podcasting journey:

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1. Choose a niche. When starting a podcast with no audience, it’s essential to choose a niche you’re passionate about and know there’s a potential audience for. This will help you attract listeners interested in what you have to say!

2. Create high-quality content. Even if you still need an audience, creating high-quality content is important. This means producing episodes that are well-researched, well-edited, and engaging. When you make great content, people will start to listen, even if you still need to get a big following. Whether you’re conducting in-depth interviews with industry leaders, sharing captivating stories, or exploring niche topics, go the extra mile to stand out. Remember, exceptional content becomes the magnet that draws in curious souls.

3. Promote your podcast. Once you produce a few episodes, you must start promoting your podcast. Unleash your creativity across all platforms; social media is your playground – share those captivating episodes with eye-catching snippets and teasers! This also means submitting your podcast to directories and contacting other podcasters to feature in your niche.

4. Be patient. It takes time to build an audience for a podcast! Keep going even if you don’t see results immediately. Just keep creating great content and promoting your podcast, and eventually, you’ll start to attract listeners. Producing a podcast doesn’t stop there! Here are some specific strategies for promoting your podcast. Host a podcast launch party. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to a listening party for your first episode. This is a great way to get the word out about your podcast and generate some initial excitement. Guest on other podcasts. Featuring guests on your podcast is a great way to expose your podcast and reach new listeners. When you guest on another podcast, be sure to promote your podcast at the end of your interview.  Write blog posts about your podcast. This is a great way to share your podcast content with a broader audience. When you write blog posts about your podcast, include links to your podcast episodes for your growing audience to access!  Promote your podcast on social media. Share your podcast episodes on social media and encourage your followers to listen. You can also use social media to connect with other podcasters in your niche and to promote each other’s podcasts. Submit your podcast to directories. Submit your podcast to directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify for podcasters, and Google Podcasts. This will make your podcast available to listeners searching for podcasts on these platforms.

Finally, starting a podcast can be tricky, and it may be hard to break through all the clutter, but here are some last tips for creating a podcast:

Get feedback. Share your episodes with friends, family, and colleagues and get their input. This will help you improve your content and make it more appealing to listeners.

Don’t give up! Starting a podcast can be challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun. If you’re passionate about your topic and willing to work, you can build an audience for your podcast. By following these tips, you can start a podcast with no audience and build an audience over time. So, what are you waiting for? Start your podcast today! Listen to the latest episode of the Newish Podcast on Spotify HERE.