Imposter syndrome, lack of experience, yet a strong desire to achieve more. 

These are three common challenges university students encounter, and I too have been there. While we strive to enter the professional world, the gap in our understanding and experience can often be a barrier.  Even when opportunities arise, sometimes the voice in our head warns us that we may struggle to be seriously considered. 

At the beginning of my second year of university, I wanted to enhance my skillset further. Lay the groundwork for my career now, so I can confidently enter the world of marketing and communications upon graduation. 

After countless hours of scrolling on LinkedIn, hoping to land an opportunity that would allow me to learn, grow, and get my foot into the industry’s door, I stumbled across a ‘We are hiring’ post for Newish Communications. 

Luckily, a mentor in the business gave me the encouragement I needed to submit an application. 

Fast forward to one year later, and I have gained a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience in marketing and communications, something very different from the university classroom. 

From handling client projects, grasping agency operations’ intricacies, attending events and masterclasses and learning from industry mentors, my time at Newish has exceeded all expectations. The experiences, connections, and professional and personal growth have been invaluable. 

From starting as a Social Media Assistant and learning the principles to leading my team to achieve client success as the Director of Social Media, my initial motivation to give it a go found me achieving more than I could have ever imagined one year ago. 

My recommendation to anyone who is unsure is to take the leap and apply today! Here at Newish, we are all about developing our skills together. 

Don’t miss out! Applications close on the 20th of February.