People are spending more time online than ever before and social media platforms are being constantly flooded with content. As people are consuming more and more digital media, the quality of attention the actual content receiving is reduced.

Therefore, it is more important than ever that your content is eye-catching, engaging, and unforgettable. To ensure that your content doesn’t get lost in your audience’s social feeds, we have created a simple two-step plan.

1. Make your content ‘snackable’

According to the Associated Press, 49% of people will stop reading content on social media after roughly 111 words. Therefore, when writing copy, you must get your message across in under 111 words to engage your entire audience. Put your most important information in the first sentence of your text and then use the remaining 111 words to expand further.

If you want your audience to remember the key points of your post, make sure to include up to five points to increase their retention. Another simple way to make your content more ‘snackable’ is to use formatting to make your content easy to skim. Lists, callouts, and dot points can allow your audience to get critical pieces of information without having to read your entire post. Whatever you do to make your content engaging, make sure you’re doing it in 111 words or less.

2. Always use visuals

Visuals not only complement written copy, but they also allow information to be processed 60,000 times faster than written content. Visual content is also much more memorable than written material, with over 80% of people retaining visual content over written content. Therefore, to further engage with your audience, each post needs to have a visual element.

There are several simple ways to incorporate visuals into your written content. If you want your audience to remember your post, create a simple infographic that conveys the central points of your text with engaging visuals. Alternatively, when advertising your business, include real-world photos of the services you offer. Over 80% of mobile content is video-based. So why not add a short video that explains the content of your post in an easily digestible and entertaining way?

If you or your business is struggling to create engaging and entertaining content on social media get in contact with us today and find out how Newish can help.