You may have heard people declaring that ’email is dead’. At Newish Communications, we don’t believe this at all. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience. You don’t have to worry about your message being lost amongst endless social media feeds, as it is guaranteed to reach the inbox of your clients. While email marketing is an excellent way to reach your audience directly, it can be challenging to ensure that each email gets opened. If you are struggling to craft meaningful and effective email marketing campaigns, simply follow our four T’s of email marketing.

1. Take

The first step to effective email marketing campaigns is having a substantial subscriber list by taking as many contact emails as you can. Your subscriber list should not only be previous clients you have worked with, but should also include potential clients and other people in your industry. An easy way to build your subscriber list is to add a ‘join our mailing list’ pop-up on your website and add a signup link on all of your social media profiles. When you are hosting events for your business, make sure to collect all of the attendee’s email addresses and add them to your mailing list.

If you are still struggling to build your mailing list, add simple incentives for your potential clients. A simple way to do this is to offer a small discount for first-time users if they join your email marketing list. This little discount not only incentivises joining your mailing list but also encourages potential clients to turn into loyal clients.

2. Tailor

Once you have built a substantial subscriber list, you must tailor your email content for different kinds of clients. You should have multiple email campaigns for potential clients and returning clients that encourage them to use your company. Email marketing is only useful if your subscribers open each email. Therefore, each email must have a catchy, exciting, and intriguing subject line that prompts each subscriber to open and read it. Every email should be written in a compelling voice that encourages readers to continue reading. If your email is text-heavy, include a short bullet point list that summaries the main message so that readers can digest your information quickly.

Your subscribers are more likely to open your email if they are personalised, be sure to include personal greetings and tailor the content to users specifically. If you have collected email addresses from a recent event, why not send out an email campaign thanking those who signed up to your mailing list for attending and take the opportunity to invite them to further interact with your business?

After you have tailored your message to your different audiences, you must also make sure that each email is presented in an eye-catching way. Email marketing templates should be modern, exciting, and engaging. Ensure that your email campaign is mobile-friendly as over 66% of emails are opened on smartphones.

3. Test

Now that you have created an engaging and enticing email marketing campaign, the next step is to test your campaign. There are several testing tools available to see how your email will look on all mail servers. This testing stage is the opportunity to tweak your layout to make sure your email looks good in each of your subscriber’s inboxes.

Try a tool like Litmus to test your emails.

4. Track

This final step is the simplest, but arguably the most important. After your email marketing campaign goes live, you will want to track who is opening your emails and clicking on your links, as well as who might be deleting your email without opening it at all. These metrics are incredibly important in determining what you will include in subsequent marketing emails.

If you or your business is struggling to create engaging and effective email marketing campaigns get in contact with us today and find out how Newish can help.