Any sort of public speaking can be nerve-wracking. The idea of getting up in front of a group of people is intimidating and can make you dread the thought of presenting. However, public speaking doesn’t always have to be a fear-inducing experience. We’ve put together some of our top public speaking tips to make sure you come across as comfortable and dynamic as possible. Whether you’re prepping for an important presentation, or want to improve your day-to-day public speaking skills, these simple tips will help you communicate with confidence.

1. Study the Pros

To become a better public speaker, one of the best things you can do is observe the professionals. There are countless Ted Talks and presentations on YouTube that you can watch. Study the presenter’s body language, gestures, vocal variety, pausing, and eye contact. No two presenters are the same. By watching a range of different speeches, you will find a presenting style that works best for you. Note what aspects of each presentation you like, and the things you don’t. It is a good idea to keep a list as you watch so that you can keep track of presenting techniques you want to implement in your presentation.

2. Find a Friend

Our next top tip is to find a friend or family member that you know will give you honest feedback, and practice your presentation in front of them. Not only will this help you become more confident with presenting in front of others, but it will also be an excellent opportunity to get some constructive feedback from someone you trust.

3. Watch Yourself

We know how mortifying it can be to listen to your voice in a recording. However, recording and watching yourself present is one of the best ways to improve your public speaking skills. When you are in the moment, it is easy to feel like you are speaking slowly and taking pauses. But, most of the time, nerves take over, and it is hard to realise just how quickly you are speaking.

When watching yourself present, make sure you celebrate what you are doing well, and don’t just focus on what you can do better.

4. Be Brave

Practice really does make perfect. If you want to get better at public speaking, take every opportunity to speak up in public. Public speaking opportunities aren’t limited to big pitches at work or presentations at University. There are many community-based groups and events where you can practice presenting. No audience is too small – as long as you are getting out there and having your voice heard, you are well on your way to presenting like a pro!

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