Social Media algorithms prioritise the content from accounts that post regularly. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles that post multiple times a week, or even multiple times a day have a greater chance of getting their content seen by a broad audience than those who post infrequently. However, it can be incredibly challenging to try and come up with engaging, exciting, and original content to keep up with the rigorous posting schedule that these platforms and their algorithms demand, so this is where content curation comes in.

What is content curation?

The idea of content creation is to take the pressure off of coming up with, writing and producing original content multiple times a week. Curating content is the act of finding content that has already been published on social media, and repurposing that content to suit the needs of your business. 

How to curate content

The content that you choose to curate must be useful and relevant to your audience. Curated content can be an article from a reputable source, high-quality photos and videos, or eye-catching graphics. This content must be engaging and align with the kinds of content that you usually produce. 

Don’t just repost and share this curated content. Instead, you need to provide context to your audience as to why this particular post is interesting, exciting, or innovative. Explain to them why this picture, video, article or graphic caught your attention. Make sure that you mention the source that originally published the content and comment on why your audience should value that source. When sharing a piece of curated content, you have the opportunity to expand upon the original post and put your own spin on the content and offer a unique insight to your audience. 

Why should you post curated content?

Content curation is the answer to keeping up with the demanding nature of social media algorithms that expect users to post multiple times a week to stay relevant. Through sharing engaging, exciting and eye-catching content from trusted sources, your brand stays present and consistent on social media. 

Social media experts suggest that up to 70% of content shared by brands and businesses can be curated and audiences will still view these profiles as insightful, original, and useful. As long as you are providing your own reflections on the curated content you are sharing, your content is still adequately engaging with your audience and establishing yourself as a leader in your industry. 

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