And just like that another whole year has gone, another cohort have graduated, and another Christmas holiday break is upon us. With so much time off, this break is the ideal time to set yourself up for your career after university and gain industry experience through an internship in your chosen field. No matter what year into your degree you are in, it’s never too late to get started and build on your industry skills and knowledge. I’m here to help you get you started and show you some key tips on how and where to source internships for your Christmas break and into the new year.


My first tip to finding the right internship is to research companies that you would ideally like to work with in the future. Finding a company that you feel you connect with not only their business offerings but also their company ethics, is key to finding the right fit for you. Once you have curated a list of ideal companies, I would recommend utilising your LinkedIn profile and connecting with not only the business but also key employees in your area. Your next step is to apply! If they don’t offer an internship program, email through your expression of interest and why you would love to intern for their company. I have found through my interning experience that it never hurts to put forward your expression of interest and to take any opportunity that comes your way as you never know the connections you will make.


The second tip is to search through online job boards that are continually updated with new job and internship ads. A few key online databases that I have found useful in finding experience include Student Hub for UQ students, LinkedIn and Seek. If you have not yet created a LinkedIn account, make one now and start connecting! I have found this platform incredibly helpful to reach out to new connections that I have met either at university or even at networking evenings. It’s a great space to share your professional achievements and insights and stay up to date with key changes to the industry especially new trends and technological updates. There are heaps of internships that are offered on these platforms and professionals who are looking for people now and over the Christmas break! So, grab your phone or laptop and start applying!


My third tip to gaining work experience is to use the resources and programs offered at your university. If you are a student at the University of Queensland and part of the Business school, there are many different programs and initiatives in place to help with employability after graduation. I would encourage everyone to take part in the Student Work Experience Program (SWEP) where you go through various stages including resume submission, psychometric testing, and an interview, with the top students receiving an internship organised by the BEL Faculty. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the program and gained a very insightful internship opportunity which then led me to my first industry job! I would also encourage you to enrol in an elective internship subject if you have the opportunity as this is a great way to gain more industry experience and receive feedback from the university academic staff.

These are just a few tips to help you get started but there are many more platforms that you can use to find internships. So, if you are looking to fill up some spare time over the holiday break, I highly recommend utilising these platforms and gaining some industry experience!