Project Description


Project Details

August 2020 – February 2021

The Challenge

Pueblo needed to join the 21st century, with a website and social media accounts that were just as well-designed as their logo and store.

The Idea

The Newish team ran a photoshoot at the cafe so their social media accounts could be filled with beautiful, high quality imagery of their food and drinks. Newish also created a website for the company to help them tell their story which can be seen at: 


Svenja Proescher (Account Manager)

Thilak Elangovan (Account Planner)

Georgia Porteous (Junior Account Planner)

Nozomi Yamazaki (Head of PR)

Emma Johnson (Copywriter)

Isabelle Heath (Art Director)

Doug Tham (Head of Production)

Ally Fulton (Production Artist)

Suhas Udupa (Production Artist)