Project Description


Project Details

May 2020 – July 2020

The Challenge

The Stahmann Webster brief tasked Newish with producing a confident and coherent brand identity that unites Stahmann Farms and Webster Walnuts and allows them maintain a respected and esteemed brand image that encapsulates the history and legacy of each respective organisation.

The Idea

The Newish team developed several logo options with packaging mockups, alongside an internal release which explained the new brand identity to employees. The approach for this logo in particular creates a more professional and modern look. With the idea manifested from a monogram, this option offers a sleek and professional brand identity. The serif typeface suggests the brand’s long heritage but is balanced with sharp geometric typeface that adds a modern flair to the identity. The existing brand colours are kept.


Alonso Zagal (Account Manager)

Tiffany Lee (Account Manager)

Annabel Genest (Business Strategist)

Jed Larwood (Business Strategist)

Wenonah Van (PR Specialist)

Isabelle Heath (Art Director)

Doug Tham (Art Director)